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Swiss-born band

RQM, originating from Sion in Valais, fuses modern and energetic industrial metal with heavy and percussive electronic music. The band derives its influences from the very diverse musical tastes of each member, shining a new light on industrial metal. The result is an innovating and unique music, putting forward a refreshing new sound.

The tracks

come to life in an exclusive and conceptual universe that distinguishes itself as much through its well-crafted visual staging than through the philosophical themes transpiring through the lyrics, written in french, a language of poetical nature.

RQM recently started to work with american producer and guitarist Kris Norris, former member of notorious bands in the metal scene, on the production of their first album. Upon listening to their first EP, Kris found true potential in the band and strongly believes in RQM’s ability to develop a professional and international music project.

Picture of the singer during a gig